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Holli Testimonial. She quit smoking with hypnosis.


Michael Testimonial

Michael from Seattle

Tanner Testimonial. Tanner enhanced his sports performance with hypnosis.

Tanner, boxer from Omaha



I have known Clovis for several years.  He is the most knowledgeable person I know with respect to neurolinguistics and a number of results oriented strategies and processes that help people remove the effect of negative life events and transform their lives in a positive direction.  My own objective in working with Clovis during one particular session was for him to help me remove the remaining effects of a childhood where love and approval from both of my parents was clearly lacking in my life.  Some aspects of my life have been a saga of trying to gain the love and approval in situations that were guaranteed to fail in providing that.  I was in a negative, counterproductive pattern.

In the middle of a time line progression of replacing negative feelings with a positive state of having been loved, supported and approved of, I had a very negative, almost flashback type experience of a chain of events that had occurred over 30 years ago.  

Although those distant events covered several months of time and several occasions were both physically and mentally traumatic, the resurfacing of this was very unexpected and was in and of itself, quite disconcerting.  I had no ability to control the images running through my mind or the anxiety I was experiencing reliving the symptoms of the physical trauma.  My feelings were cascading into something beyond my control.  When I told Clovis what I was experiencing, he stopped what we had been doing and immediately switched to help me dissociate from the trauma I was flashing back to.  The first two techniques he suggested did not work. Try as I might, I could not dissociate from the visions and anxiety I was having.  Thankfully, Clovis' range of experience and knowledge is extensive enough that he was able to quickly suggest a third exercise which consisted of a series of three eye movement exercises that stopped the cascade of fear and anxiety and helped push the visions back into the distance.  Within a relatively short time, the fear and anxiety had dissipated and the visions had receded to small pictures in the distance. They have not returned.
When one is dealing with major traumatic events in life, it is important to work with someone who has a range of tools to use.  Clovis has a broad background of years of study, his manner easily elicits confidence and he knows a number of strategies/tools to use to resolve issues that negatively impact your life.  You can get your life on track much more quickly than you might have realized and you can simply go on to live your life as you want to, free of the drag of negative experiences,"

- K. from Nebraska


So a week ago today, Christina P. and I took a chance and were hypnotized to stop smoking. Obviously we were skeptical, but it has really worked. One week straight now, no cigarettes....After seventeen years, it seems I'm done. Contact my friend Clovis for hypnosis... He knows what he's doing.

-Chris from Omaha


"I haven't experienced any hunger pangs since you hypnotized me to lose weight."

- Mike D. from Nebraska


I am far beyond content. I am ecstatic about my life and ready for the next move. If you were to ask me how I was prior to my life coaching sessions with Clovis, I was absolutely miserable with very little control over my emotions. I had a lifetime of interest in the fine arts, but could not produce as an artist and was completely lost in the direction I was going with my life. Clovis and his services helped me break through barriers and actualize my true self. With his help and guidance I can now say that my emotions are manageable and my misery that I had once experienced is now non existent. Not only that, but I am a full time successful artist! I am doing what I enjoy the most because of Clovis and his life coaching.   

-Sarah M. from Omaha


Non-smoker for one week!!! I decided to make an effort to quit a habit I have had for 25 years. I have attempted to quit several times before and couldn't even go 24 hours. I decided to get hypnotized last Saturday because I was desperate to try anything. Clovis, thank you for the miracle you performed!!! I have had very little cravings. This process has been a breeze!!! I have not even considered picking up a cigarette or anything with nicotine in it. I highly recommend getting in touch with Clovis to schedule an appointment. It will change your life!!!  

-Krista Wilhelm from Omaha