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Weight Watchers vs. weight loss hypnosis

I had a woman come in to my office in Omaha for hypnosis. She was fairly stout but I would not call her obese. She was tall and big. After doing some regression therapy we keyed in on the fact that her parents always said the Smiths were big people. In hypnosis we got her unconscious mind to re-evaluate that thought and bingo, the weight came off effortlessy. She actually turned out to be a bit petite after losing the extra weight.

I worked with another woman who's parents grew up in the depression, who were in turn adamant about food not being wasted in anyway. They also had the attitude that anyone who was not borderline obese was starving. Once we dealt with that, weight loss was easy.

Thirdly I knew a woman who was sexually assaulted at a younger age. Her unconscious mind decided she was safer if she was overweight and thus ran her body in accordance. Again, she lost the weight after that was processed.

The unconscious mind, for some reason does not update on things really well. A person can be 53 and dying of cancer and the unconscious is still enjoying being in the cool group of the high school kids that smoke. It still wants social acceptance but does not realize that you are living in a whole new set of circumstances.

That is where the hypnosis and whole brain exercises come in. It will make those updates for you. Once those ideas are handled, reprogrammed so to speak, you may easily go to your ideal weight set point without doing much. You will no longer need to tirelessly fight to lose weight just to put it back on when you are exhausted from pushing so hard. Of course, walking, exercise and diet will still help, but it will not be the dog fight with yourself that you may have once knew dieting to be.

Even if you are using weight watchers, weight loss through hypnosis can assist or you can do weight loss hypnosis with me in Omaha by itself.

When I assist you we will also handle the periphery issues like self esteem, self image and the identity that you hold for yourself in your mind. You will love the new you! 

That is all for now.

Posted on: Monday, January 25, 2016
Last modified on: Sunday, January 31, 2016

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