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Conquer Your Problems With Hypnosis

In my experience as a hypnotist, clients have been under the impression that because they have been doing something for a long time, the problem is harder to change, like smoking, drug or alcohol addiction. Clients are also under the impression that if they have experienced years of extreme emotional pain, it will be harder to change. As a hypnotist, I myself do not find that true. I have helped people improve lifelong problems in an instant (or nearly an instant) through hypnosis.

One client spent his entire adult life imagining his children having strange, rare types of cancers. He was always dragging his kids off to the doctors and having them checked by the doctor. His extreme phobia drove his family crazy and his doctor nuts. I used hypnosis to help him train his brain to stop imagining his children suffering of such illnesses. A short hypnosis session (about twenty minutes) gave him such phobia relief that to this day, he is worry free.  

Under hypnosis, we can easily rewrite the software of your brain and get it to do what you want it to do. It matters not how long you have had the problem, how severe it seems to you, or how permanent it feels.

When I treat you through hypnosis, you will find that change is really easy. Whether you are looking to quit smoking or drinking, seeking help for a drug problem, or seeking phobia relief, I will make the new behavior feel familiar and the old unwanted behavior seem foreign and old.

I am amazed in terms of what we think and feel, and how easy it is to get your brain to do what you want it to do with the power of hypnosis.

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Posted on: Thursday, January 1, 2015
Last modified on: Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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