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A total makeover for body starts with your mind weight loss hypnosis

I wish I could more easily convey the powerful effect changing beliefs and its implications on the subsequent daily behaviors. I am talking about emotional beliefs. Those deep down beliefs, not the logical ones at the surface. You may at a deep level believe that it is safer to be overweight because it will protect you from being hit on, or having the cat called at you. You may believe that it will keep your abusive husband from wanting to touch you sexually. You may have been told that your family is one made up of big people. Someone may have hung a nasty nickname on you as a child that got you focused on being overweight. There are a myriad of non useful beliefs that one can pick up in life and they may still be hanging on. On the surface you may not realize these types of things as your underlying thinking. These are the kinds of things we heal, and redecide when we do weight loss hypnosis. 

When I help you you with weight loss hypnosis I will work with you as a whole person. Together we will look at all aspects of how you are organized mentally and emotionally and tailor our approach to realizing effortless weight loss. In science we are learning more and more about the mind body connection, and how your consciousness really is much more in control of are bodies than just some mysterious force that operates willy nilly according to some set of unknown rules.

When we do weight loss hypnosis together, I will help you realize power and control. We will change your relationship with food in a wholesome and long lasting way. You will begin eating for nutrition and energetic needs, while still enjoying the process of eating. 

Contact me now for weight loss hypnosis in Omaha.

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Posted on: Sunday, February 21, 2016
Last modified on: Monday, May 30, 2016

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